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Being Intelligent And Hardworking Isn’t Enough” And Has Very Little To Do With Your Success”

18 Apr

Being Intelligent And Hardworking Isn’t Enough” And Has Very Little To Do With Your Success”

Being Intelligent And Hardworking Isn’t Enough” And Has Very Little To Do With Your Success”




My full name is: Winston Washington Wilson and iam with the Empower Network and proud of it too. I have nothing to hide PERIOD! NO LIES! NO HYPE! NO BS!


Straight up, i want to make it very clear that i am not trying to sell or pitch you anything,


I am not even trying to get you to join anything at all. What i am asking is that you read the article below this statement about “Being Intelligent And Hardworking Isn’t Enough” And Has Very Little To Do With Your Success” (and you do not have to leave your businesses because this is not what this is about)


Read below first before checking out this link: I cannot promise that this is for you or not. I am not even going to persuade you to do anything,except delete this message. See for yourself if this link sucks or not. Why am i here? find out why after you activate this link: if you think that this is a load of crap and the same old bs mail that you have always seen let me know and you will not hear from me again. Let’s keep it real, don’t hold back and stop being fake.We are not here to kiss AS$ PERIOD!


I’ve heard people say there are plenty of hardworking, intelligent people who still fail to achieve their dreams and because of this, their advice is to be realistic and have a plan B. To a certain extent, I agree. You should definitely have a plan B if that backup plan is also something you really want. However, if falling back on your plan B and achieving it will still leave you feeling empty, forget plan B.


Are there really that many intelligent, hardworking people who fail? First of all, we have to define “intelligent”. Getting a 4.0 in school doesn’t necessarily mean you’re intelligent. Memorizing a bunch of facts and figures doesn’t necessarily mean you’re intelligent either and neither does knowing how to solve a Rubik’s cube (it’s really not that hard).


Here’s my definition of intelligence when it comes to achieving goals:


The ability to quickly figure out what is needed to be successful, what works, what doesn’t work, and being able to efficiently apply and improve upon what works.


What’s Missing?


People who are ambitious and work hard for years and still don’t reach their goals most likely did the wrong things or they did the right things but didn’t stick with it long enough. It could also be because they were missing some crucial pieces to the puzzle. You could have a great product but without a great marketing plan, not enough people are going to know your product even exists. Sometimes, it could just be that you don’t currently know the right people.


You can be a hard, dedicated worker who happens to be working for the wrong company, a company with a culture that promotes people who are in the “in crowd” for example. If you’re trying to get fit, you may be focusing too much on the exercising aspect and not enough on the nutritious food aspect. It could also be that you’re doing all the right things in the right order, but you just hate what you’re doing and therefore, are likely to end up quitting way too soon.


Achieving the Results You’re After


So what can we do to increase our odds of succeeding in whatever it is we’re working on?


Assuming you already know your outcome, the first step is to take action. Being way too concerned about whether you’re doing the right things or not in the beginning can prevent you from ever getting started. The important thing is to take that first step.


From there, measure your results. As you take action, you’re going to get feedback. Compare your results to your ultimate outcome. Are you getting closer or further away? Once you start getting some results, good or bad, you will be in a better position to focus on what needs to be improved. You’ll also have a better sense of what sort of information to look for.


It’s sort of like reading and studying a chapter before it’s discussed in class. Any questions you might have for the teacher will be a lot more focused and efficient compared to going to class and learning everything for the first time. You’ll simply have too many questions that could probably be answered had you taken action and looked into the material beforehand.



Empower Network “Revealed”

18 Apr

Empower Network “Revealed”


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