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Social Bookmarking

28 Jul

Social Bookmarks are considered great backlinks in the eyes of Google.

So the more you have the better chance you have to rank on the search results…

This is a great strategy to do on top of what ever method you are using to

drive traffic to your blog since it’s so easy to do…

In the past we used Tribe Pro for this, but now have transitioned over to

this new lower cost and easier to setup tool.

Here is the step by step: Blog Traffic Secret #5 of 7
Social Bookmarking

Should You Pay Someones Way Into The Business?

27 Jul

Have you ever been tempted to pay someones way into the business?

I know I have and in fact I have actually done it a few times…

Watch my video now to see exactly what that did for me

Should You Pay Someones Way Into The Business?


Who do you listen to?

26 Jul

One of the biggest breakthroughs I ever had was the statement:

Who do you listen to?

The reason is because I used to listen to my broke friends, or I
would go to my family members that were not doing too well financially, and ask them if building a home business was the right thing to do…


Do you see anything wrong with this?


I was listening to the wrong people!

If you want to become a doctor you listen to doctors…

If you want to become a lawyer you listen to lawyers…

If you want to work from home and live your dream lifestyle,

Then you listen to people that are already making money as they

work from home, and they are here to coach and show you how!



The Prosperity Team – The Secrect To Convert LEAD$ into $ALE$

14 Jul

Prosperity Team – How To Convert LEAD$ Into $ALE$

This is how you Convert LEAD$ into $ale$

The object here is not just to get leads but to convert the LEAD$ into $ALE$
In this industry, there is one thing you want and need more than anything else…MORE *CONVERTED* LEADS!
Why?Because more leads = more $$$, when convertedAnd today,our Team will show you how to generate high-quality “Targeted” leads,
And convert LEAD$ into $ALE$
For you
Right here at the Prosperity Team – Support Training Center When you become a Prosperity Team Member,you’ll get to use your owncustomizable lead capture forms on each and every piece of content you post.Along with  many  tools & resources  provided by our Team Members.
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The Prosperity Team

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for Any business
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Good marketing $trategie$ means finding an
effective way to attract the right customer that
would be most interested in doing business with you.
This is done by finding out specifically and exactly
what they are searching for online right now.
Your job is to make it easy for them to find that information.
The key is to focus on the wants and needs of your consumers.
This  is a person that is most likely to purchase whatever you are
The internet is  basically  a search system technology.
Therefore you are in the position of solving a need of a potential customer, by providing content that promises to solve their needs, by simplifying the challenges that they are facing right now. 
So what you have to do effectively,is to guide them directly into getting
their desires fulfilled.
Meet them where they are and give them exactly what they want.
Offer VALUE as foremost and your profits will surely follow.
What is your customer searching for?
Can you deliver as promised?
Do you have the correct information they are searching for?
Is your information to the point?
Can their search finally end with you?
There are free and paid keyword tools
available to you, that gives you the exact keywords and/or phrases
people are searching for,each and every month, both locally and
These tools includes numbers of how many times a person makes a search each month.
For example: A person searches for the word “article marketing”
the keyword tool, gives you a number on how many times
that word was searched for in a month, both globally and locally 
and whether your competition is low medium or high,
in regards to how effective the usage of that
keyword would be in your article if used, to determine the amount of traffic  driven to your site.
Yes your article, is the key to your success when you use the keyword in such a way  to drive TARGETED traffic to your sales funnel
I recommend that you go for the low competition keywords or phrases, to drive  customers to your site, much faster.
If you would like to know more on how you can Convert Leads Into $ALE$  which = more MONEY than you are making at present, by using your blogging platform without the uneccessary headaches. Then click the Prosperity Team  and partner with us