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Auto Click Bots .Com

6 Sep

We are looking for affiliate Marketers at ACB whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, advanced or professional.

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 ACB  a.k.a AutoClickBots are sophisticated software or “bots” designed and programmed to automate almost any combination of tasks on your computers, laptops, tablets or even your smartphones while working online.

This may range from simply clicking on ads at PTC (Paid to Click) sites, to automatically claiming bitcoin from faucet sites, launching applications, checking email and so on.

Whether you are desiring to move or backing up files for uploading or downloading, sending basic or professional emailing messaging formats.

The developmental purpose of  the ACB   AutoClickBots   platform is to greatly simplify your marketing experience with tools that are vital for the beginner as well as for the seasoned professional marketer that need, not only to perform simple tasks, but to perform highly and important complex automation processing.

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​Winston W Wilson


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