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Dead Pool 2-The inevitable has been realized… Dead Pool 2 is CONFIRMED

14 May

If you enjoyed Deadpool, while taking a mental beating on your open mindedness


Get ready…

for it to begin shredding, what’s left of  your mind to pieces, just before beating it to a state, beyond recognition, in the next Deadpool chapter!


P.S. Don’t you TOTALLY hate  when people or critics alike, refer to an original story as it’s sequel.

This is no sequel, Deadpool is the next level of uniamaginable mayhem, no holds barred (Without restrictions or rules)

Rated R, boardering NC 17  (no place for  PG13)

Dead Pool Film

12 May

Without question…

Dead Pool is an original story of an unconventional anti hero character named Wade Wilson.

Who is known to be unapologetic for his acts of extreme violence,

unless tempered with an equally extreme level of sarcasm coupled with comedy.


Is it easier for us to conclude by submitting to a submissive mind,

that tells us dead pool is crazy?

Simply because we have failed to understand clearly, 

dead pool‘s agenda  that triggers his so called, irrational  behavior and actions? 


Dead Pool Movie

12 May

If you can roll with the punches,

and keep an open mind, while taking a mental beating at the same time,

This is exactly the kind of movie experience you’ll encounter.


Dead Pool delivers on action, comedy, extreme violence, drama,

as well as fantasy adventure and romance,

that are so skillfully  & intricately interwoven throughout the movie, with just the right amount of ingredience added, when needed.

Rated R

Dead Pool – Outstanding

12 May

Ryan Reynolds is Wade Wilson a.k.a. Dead pool

Based upon Marvel Comics’ most unconventional anti-hero

dead pool3

It has been said that Dead pool is by far, marvel’s best film yet!

Getting an A+ rating

With first time director Tim Miller

  • Genre(s): Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Thriller,Fantasy, Comedy, Romance
  • Rating: R
  • Runtime: 108 min