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11 Aug

hítlєαp ís α trαffíc gєnєrαtíσn plαtfσrm, σf whích чσu dσn’t need  α prσхч αnd чσu dσn’t hαvє tσ ínstαll α trαffíc víєwєr. (ít ís αll sєlf cσntαínєd)

чσu cαn єαrn mínutєs αnd trαffíc fσr frєє σr чσu cαn símplч вuч mínutєs αnd trαffíc αt чσur díscrєtíσn.

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Traffic Adbar is a traffic exchange with REAL people NOT bots.

When in Traffic Adbar, go to websites and enter your affiliate links and website descriptions.

When your links are added, traffic adbar places links on top of your ads through the traffic adbar cloaking system and NOT on your website its self, so its safe in that regard.

Your original affiliate link, will then be cloaked with these ads through traffic adbar.

You will then need to Copy & paste your cloaked traffic adbar link into your hitleap website slot.

Where the  Hitleap traffic generation platform will  provide a steady flow of traffic to your traffic adbar link for free.

This means that Hitleap will be promoting your website and in turn you’re going to accumulating points over in your traffic adbar account which also means traffic adbar will be automatically be distributing all your ads for you for free.

The more points you get through hitleap traffic, the higher your priority, ranking and exposure will be on the internet through traffic adbar.

Constantly moving your ads to a much higher level of ranking & priority exposure importance.


 When everything is said and done, this strategy works on complete auto-pilot.

All you have to do from now on is to check your priority level ranking , your hits, how many points, tracking graph etc.

I hope that this information has

been helpful.

To Your Success &

Best Regards From

Winston W Wilson 

Winston Wilson



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SFI – Affiliate Marketing -Reviews

15 Jun

Affiliate marketers – Reviews

What is SFI ?

Blog Post Strategies For Bloggers

2 May


In the beginning of the writing of your  blog posts, you may inevitably face many challenges.

However having an effective strategy, you will no doubt reduce those challenges considerably.

Blog Post Strategies For Bloggers in knowing what to write about and what niche you are going to focus on.

Simplicity is the key to an effective blog content.

Which involves solving or bring your reader to a logical and proven solution to their problems.

When you provide the answers that your readers have been searching for, you will most certainly build for yourself credibility as a blog post writer.

People will begin to trust and listen to your advice and tips, which will therefore strengthen  your relationships with your current followers, by  getting you  publicity,  that will help you to be discovered when people are searching google search for answers to their questions.

Blog Post Strategies For Bloggers in knowing how to make a note of the questions people are constantly asking you, to answer.

You may be wondering, what is the purpose of all these Q & A’s ?

By accumulating all these questions and answers, you are setting yourself up

with future blog posts that are geared to solving problems people are facing.

You see, it’s all about giving value.

Blog Post Strategies For Bloggers, now that you have in your possession an extensive list of Q & A’s – Now what?

Use the most popular questions you were asked, by people who are starting out as a brand new blogger.

For example: you may of been faced with multiple questions like “what’s a good strategy to use to start writing blog posts?

Your answer to that question would be the title of this very blog post, which is….

Blog Post Strategies For Bloggers

Blog Post Strategies For Bloggers writing their first blog post.

Remembering that your first post will be a first impression of you and your ability to provide value, that will help solve a problem. And there are many problems out there.

Again, you will want to keep it simple and straight forward, so that your readers can easily follow you and get the gist of what you are portraying in your post. 

 A template for writing  your first post, consists of an Introduction, a body and ends in a conclusion.

The introduction is where you first present the problem in question.

Which is I am confused when it comes to writing blog posts, so could you tell me, what’s a good strategy to use to start writing blog posts?

The body of your post is where you begin the process of solving their problem, when you start  to do so, give your readers just a few tips at first, that address the issue head on.

Remember to avoid overwhelming them with too many tips in the beginning.

The conclusion allows you  the opportunity to present the value and purpose of what you do, in building a business online.

A good example for concluding is…

“Here are just a few of the strategies you can use to kick start your blogging career.

If you want to learn more click here for details.

And there you have it. You’ve just written your first blog post!

I am sure that you can now see how easy that was,

knowing that you had certain key factors in the form of questions and answers in place.

Also, do you know what you have just done?

You have  triggered a chain reaction, so to speak.

What do I mean by that?

Blog Post Strategies For Bloggers that may not realize it at first, that they’ve just opened the door to several blog posts, from this one post.

Remember, in the body of your template you offered a few tips that would help the reader solve some of their problems.

Well, each of the tips that you gave, can be easily converted into individual blog posts.

But seriously,if you want more Click Here, and Get Started With Us Today

Good Debt – Paying Off Debt – What Is Good Debt?

29 Apr

Image<—-Click here

Good Debt – Paying Off Debt – What Is Good Debt?Did you know that debt is not always a bad thing. In fact, there are certain times, when taking out a loan actually helps put you in a better overall and financial position.And in so doing you create a good debt with the purpose of wiping out all traces of bad debt once and for all.

It doesn’t stop there either. Because by overriding and completely eliminating your bad debt,
you then are putting yourself into a position of making a profit, due to your newly acquired good debt.Totally obliterating debt completely, once and for all, to now being able to concentrate and focus on making a profit through the streams of income profit, coming from the assets you have and can create.Let me explain further what I mean.Debt can be something positive  in your life, when it is able to help you build up your family’s net worth. Good debt becomes an even better debt when the value of the asset you finance increases in profit over time.Good debt is not worrying about how much money you are borrowing, but understanding how much money you are going to make in the process of creating and then building your assets.    This means buying something that will ultimately save your family money years into the future.For example, you get a loan so that you can weatherize your home, which will eventually lower your utility bills.   Good debt is borrowing a loan to buy something of great importance or that is highly essential to the improvement of your life, knowing that you’d never be able to afford to buy it if you had to pay for it with cash. Examples of good debt include a car loan and a mortgage. Good debt is remembering to invest in yourself in order to increase your  ability to make a profit, therefore elevating your earning potential.For example, good debt is to borrow money to return to college or to upgrade your skills so you can make more money in your current field of work or move into a more lucrative career. Student loans are a common example of good debt.   Good Debt – Paying Off Debt – What Is Good Debt?Paying for an unexpected emergency when you don’t have the cash to cover it.
For example, your car suddenly breaks down, many miles from your home leaving you with no other option but to have it towed,or you are in a position where you have no health insurance and your child has developed an unexpected illness that requires the need for an expensive medicine.Understanding the benefits of good debt will lead to you making a profit PERIOD!

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My Blog Spot Shows You How To Convert Leads Into Sales

10 Apr

index<—-Click here for details

My Blog Spot Tips to helps in Improving lead conversion rates should be your primary focus when operating a sales funnel to drive traffic to your website or blog.

Below, are a few points to help you boost lead conversion rates.

Diversify your strategies:

You have to treat your leads individually. Your lead base will most likely be consisted of different groups who have different interests, goals, needs and desires.

For example, you will notice that some of your customers may enjoy reading large contents of your blog posts and articles on your website describing your business, yet others, may not have the patience to do the same, and would rather take part in a webinar instead.

What is made clear here is that,each group has a specific gender of interest.

So you will need to approach each category with the kind of material that appeals to their specific need.

Give them an incentive to sign up with you:

My Blog Spot teaches that offering incentives is an effective way of converting leads into sales. This method has been used for a very long time, in online marketing techniques.

And with the longevity of this method, its success has been proven to work in lead conversions into sales .

These methods can be seen in blog posts and web pages alike, where casual visitors are asked to give their emails in exchange for an exclusive link to a free resource such as an eBook or other free incentives. This principle is applicable in any online business for lead capturing purposes and lead conversions. You can increase you email list very quickly if this is done correctly.

Discovering better ways to resonate with your leads:

Every business dreams of having the ideal customer.

You should ask yourself how well do you know yours, before you begin creating your content marketing strategy. If you don’t know them very well, then it would be wise to Check out their demographics.

Gathering as much information as you can possibly get.

For example…

You should know their location, income, occupation, buying habits, lifestyle, and similar data pertaining to financial situations. This data is called as Central Demographic Model or CDM. Apart from this, you will also want to know customers’ Central Psychographic Model or CPM. This defines the preferences, behaviors, and other factors affecting buying decisions of customers. CDM and CPM collectively can help you in a much greater lead conversion process.

My Blog Spot Helps You In Understanding the process of lead conversion:



Conversion processes are not methods written in stone, therefore though effective, they are not an exact science. You may be surprised at how the least expected method or strategy that you once used, and thought that it was so ineffective  contributed towards a surprise lead generation in the past.


As such, you should always look at what has lead to successful conversions in the past. Proper attention should be paid to your website’s history in converting leads into sales. When you come to realize what influenced your visitor’s decision in buying your product or service in the first place.

You should  properly integrate into your existing content marketing model, of which you should  generously communicate fully to everyone in your sales and marketing teams.

Customizing your unique follow-up communication:

Customizing follow up according to client preferences is also a must for lead generation. Whatever method you choose to employ or whether you decide to use your sales team to directly following up with specific leads, once you have ensured  to everyone that you have a proper understanding of the follow up campaign,inside and out.

 My Blog Spot will help and assist you in customizing your campaigns, which will avoid any clashes between the different follow up campaigns. As with the process of tailoring lead generation campaigns and content marketing according to client preferences, follow up measures should also be done for best results.


Internet Traffic Formula 2014, Vick Strizheus Begun Solving The #1 Issue Of Getting Traffic & Converting The Leads Into SALES, With Amazing Results LIVE!

1 Apr

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Keep up your courage, and…

31 Mar


Cheer up,
things are starting to get better for you.
The rain is about to stop and the sun is just about to shine on your life,
bringing you love peace and happiness