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11 Aug

hítlєαp ís α trαffíc gєnєrαtíσn plαtfσrm, σf whích чσu dσn’t need  α prσхч αnd чσu dσn’t hαvє tσ ínstαll α trαffíc víєwєr. (ít ís αll sєlf cσntαínєd)

чσu cαn єαrn mínutєs αnd trαffíc fσr frєє σr чσu cαn símplч вuч mínutєs αnd trαffíc αt чσur díscrєtíσn.

Create an account @  to get started.





Then create an account @


Traffic Adbar is a traffic exchange with REAL people NOT bots.

When in Traffic Adbar, go to websites and enter your affiliate links and website descriptions.

When your links are added, traffic adbar places links on top of your ads through the traffic adbar cloaking system and NOT on your website its self, so its safe in that regard.

Your original affiliate link, will then be cloaked with these ads through traffic adbar.

You will then need to Copy & paste your cloaked traffic adbar link into your hitleap website slot.

Where the  Hitleap traffic generation platform will  provide a steady flow of traffic to your traffic adbar link for free.

This means that Hitleap will be promoting your website and in turn you’re going to accumulating points over in your traffic adbar account which also means traffic adbar will be automatically be distributing all your ads for you for free.

The more points you get through hitleap traffic, the higher your priority, ranking and exposure will be on the internet through traffic adbar.

Constantly moving your ads to a much higher level of ranking & priority exposure importance.


 When everything is said and done, this strategy works on complete auto-pilot.

All you have to do from now on is to check your priority level ranking , your hits, how many points, tracking graph etc.

I hope that this information has

been helpful.

To Your Success &

Best Regards From

Winston W Wilson 

Winston Wilson



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