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SFI – Affiliate Marketing -Reviews

15 Jun

Affiliate marketers – Reviews

What is SFI ?


How to produce quality blogging content

23 Apr

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Now that your content is important not only to you, but to you’re readers who now look forward to seeing your next post.

Your first option for subscribing reader is by email alerts of new posts. You can also give your readers the option to receive special offers and promos. However, some potential subscribers may be wary of handing out their email address for fear of the dreaded S-word (spam). An RSS feed is a great option for them.

Most blog posts are being compiled in an RSS (really simple syndication) feed containing your post title and a brief summary. These feeds use a standardized XML file format which allows for information to be published once and viewed by a variety of different programs. Readers can easily subscribe to your feed and receive instant updates as soon as your fresh content comes out.

Promote your knowledge to the masses

Get the word out to your targeted readers that have interest in your specific niche, you’ll have to promote your blog content, in front of people to create an awareness. Through social media and blog database. sites. Such as Twitter, and using #hash tagsto draw in people looking for specific topics. If you post happens to relate to a trending topic, you could have thousands of eyes on your blog in a matter of hours. Another way to attract readers to your blog using Twitter is to do a search for a term that relates to your post and mention specific users interested in your topic by @name in your tweet linking to your post.Other great social media sites are Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ which provide you with the option of selecting a thumbnail of an image that appears on the page that you are suggesting a link to. This is great for capturing your ‘friends’ attention and promotes your post visually.

Adding your blog feed to a site like Blog Flux can give your posts much more visibility.

Sites like these have thousands of users who are looking for up to date blogs, news and events. These sites are organized into categories and allow users to search for specific topics, products or people. Submitting your blog homepage and RSS URL to a site like Ping-O-Matic will update major search engines with your fresh content, which will mean, getting your posts crawled faster and therefore become more visible.


Blogging For Money – increase traffic to your blogs Part 6

22 Apr


You can generate a lot of traffic by asking relevant questions in forums such as WarriorForum.comDigitalPoint.com:WickedFire.com:

Get more tips @ http://winstonwilson.net


Blogging For Money – guest post – write an effective guest post Part 5

21 Apr

Blogging for money – guest post – write an effective guest post
and post it to high-traffic bloggers. But make sure that your guest post is not just a rehashed old point,
it will be ineffective and ultimately dead in the water.

Here’s what you should produce, in order to be a successful  guest post writer.

Write original content that tells your readers something new.
This is the most important factor of them all.
Guest posts should be backed up with
research, charts, data, and expert quotes, not your opinion.
It’s easy to write what you think. It’s much harder to produce data that backs up an argument. 
It is said that when you have written an article,
you should submit it to an article directory.

Before you consider doing that, I would recommend that you listen first to… ImageWhat Matt Cutts,

Google’s head of search spam has to say about that, in his explanation as to why you should not use article directories to build links. @ http://www.searchenginejournal.com/matt-cutts-explains-use-article-directories-build-links/88093/

If this information has been helpful to you, feel free to leave your comments below.


Blogging for money Part 4 – Finding a niche market

20 Apr

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Finding a niche market But let us first find out what a niche is.

Niche Marketing Definition

A niche market is the subset of a market on which a specific product is focusing. The market niche defines the product and features that are aimed at satisfying specific market needs, as well as the price range, production quality and the demographics that is intended to impact.

It is also a …. find out more @ http://winstonwilson.net/

Blogging For Money – Part 3

19 Apr

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Blogging for money – What blogging platform or system should I use?

Check out these  blogging platforms of 2014,by  visiting https://medium.com/blogging-and-seo-tips/d62682d9b0aa

You can get support from dedicated websites, such as WordPress.
In addition to that, there are forums and guides (of which we will talk about later) that are available, for giving the beginner a helping hand that they will so desperately need when starting out.

Blogging for money, using a blogging platform, is a very easy way to generate income.

There are many ways to earn money from advertising, sponsorship,

affiliate programs, to selling your own products.

Many people successfully earn healthy incomes from their blogs.

You will need to Install plugins if you are using wordpress to further optimize your blog. Plus you will need to have a plugin that creates metatags. Find plugins here @ http://wordpress.org/plugins/easy-sign-up/

When you have your own blogging platform it will add to your credibility,

in the marketplace. Giving you an even greater potential as a
blogger to earn a good income.

Readers will get a sense of who you are as a person.

A  very important aspect is that of building rapport in establishing future business relationships.

Blogging is also a great way of giving you a platform so that your voice will be heard above the masses.
Blogging for money, will not only be an idea for you.

It will become your reality as you share your passion with the public.

Blogging For Money – Part 2

18 Apr

Blogging for money –  Where do I find reliable blog hosts and blogging systems
Here are the top 10 of the best web hosts of 2014, that  you may want to consider using for your website @ consumer-rankings.com/Hosting

blogging photo: blogging FabulousLynnblog.gif

You Get A Free Domain Name!

When you signup.

If you are on a tight budget, You can start by using one of the free systems.
While you continue the learning process of what blogging is all about.

But if you are very serious about blogging for money,
you will want to pay for a webhost that provides reliable hosting and will support when you need it.

Reliable hosting will provide daily backups and assist you in getting setup properly.
Blogging platforms can be very inexpensive to set up and maintain, on a day to day basis.

 Another great benefit for a blogger is that blogs are very cheap to run.

You have only two things to consider as a blogger in the way of  cost.

 And they are your domain name and web hosting fees.

With these components taken care of, you can have your blog up and running in no time.

I would also like to mention, to keep you informed, that,
there are available websites that will provide you with free hosting
and free domain names, thereby, costing you absolutely  nothing out of pocket.(so to speak)

Although, if you are still serious about blogging for money I would highly recommend
that you pay for both the hosting and your exclusive, one of a kind domain name.

This is because when blogging for money over a long  period of time, these two components will have a greater significance to your success and be much more beneficial to you and your desire for branding yourself and the products you want to sell.

You see, there is always a flip side to every statement.
And remember, “you get what you pay for”.