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Web Crawler-Website Indexing-The-Benefits Of A Blogging Platform- Part 3

25 May


Web crawlerwebsite indexing-the-benefits of a blogging platform
Google web search and what it really is.

Matt Cutts explains that when you, do a google web search, you are not
actually searching the web.

But in reality you are searching google index of the web, right where your website indexing entry was made.
This is where a lot of the information about your website indexing can be found.

Google web search is made possible through google’s computer software programs we call spiders.

That leads us to the next and obvious question…

What are spiders in relation to, google web search?

Spiders, as mentioned earlier are computer software programs, commonly called a web crawler.

A web crawler fits perfectly in an identifying description of a spider.

Because of the responsibility, a web crawler is given.

Which is to crawl like a spider throughout vast quantities and innumerable amounts of  websites necessary to retrieve relevant data, key words as well as important key information that explains what a website is all about .

 A Web crawler is basically an Internet robot, that systematically and in an organized fashion, browses the web, with the specific purpose of automatically indexing relevant website content.

A clear and concise meaning of a web crawler is the same as if you were to call it a  Web spider, as previously explained.

Googlebot is a well known web crawler used by google web search.

Which is then taken back to the Google server.

What is a Google server ? – Google web search

Here’s a big hint!

Inside the internet: Google allows us a first ever look at the eight vast data centers that power the online world


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The-Benefits Of A Blogging Platform, With Website Indexing And Google Search Site Part 2

24 May

Website indexing-The-benefits of a blogging platform

Every time you create a new website or blog for the purpose of running a successful business idea,
the first thing, you need to keep in mind is,
that you need publicity, which is defined as having something (your website) that attracts the attention of the public (your potential traffic)

It is also your responsibility of getting people to give attention to something that you are advertising.
That gives you high recognition and exposure of your new website or blog.

For lets face the obvious.

No matter how fancy or professional looking your website or blog may look, if no one knows that you exist on the web,it will be virtually impossible for you to gain any type of traffic to your website or blog.
Even with all the bells and whistles you put on your site to gain attention and recognition, will simply be a waste of your time, simply because have failed to make any type of official connections, which will only leave you lost, bewildered,confused and dead in the water hidden and unknown to the public.

Making you into a ghost site,which no one ever want to experience.
Result in a big fat zero.

The public, need to know that you are there, especially your targeted visitors that specifically relates your niche.

They are the ones that need to know that you are there and that your website really exists on the web.

Obviously if no one is going to your website and you’re not being recognized
in the slightest, by the general public or by anyone at all, as being a legitimate business site that actually exists on the web, then you have a big problem.

So how can I solve this problem?

It is solved through website indexing.

What is website indexing and what does that have to do with making a business online?

Well lets look at some important factors first.

One of the Major search engines on the net is Google Search which is obviously #1 blowing away the competition by far.

You also have Bing, MSN & Yahoo, as well as the most popular You Tube owned by Google.

But still, you haven’t answered my question.

What does this website indexing have to do with me getting visitors to my website or blog?

Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s Webspam team and Software Engineer, gives us an easy to understand, explanation for the purpose of website indexing.


Blog Post Strategies For Bloggers

2 May


In the beginning of the writing of your  blog posts, you may inevitably face many challenges.

However having an effective strategy, you will no doubt reduce those challenges considerably.

Blog Post Strategies For Bloggers in knowing what to write about and what niche you are going to focus on.

Simplicity is the key to an effective blog content.

Which involves solving or bring your reader to a logical and proven solution to their problems.

When you provide the answers that your readers have been searching for, you will most certainly build for yourself credibility as a blog post writer.

People will begin to trust and listen to your advice and tips, which will therefore strengthen  your relationships with your current followers, by  getting you  publicity,  that will help you to be discovered when people are searching google search for answers to their questions.

Blog Post Strategies For Bloggers in knowing how to make a note of the questions people are constantly asking you, to answer.

You may be wondering, what is the purpose of all these Q & A’s ?

By accumulating all these questions and answers, you are setting yourself up

with future blog posts that are geared to solving problems people are facing.

You see, it’s all about giving value.

Blog Post Strategies For Bloggers, now that you have in your possession an extensive list of Q & A’s – Now what?

Use the most popular questions you were asked, by people who are starting out as a brand new blogger.

For example: you may of been faced with multiple questions like “what’s a good strategy to use to start writing blog posts?

Your answer to that question would be the title of this very blog post, which is….

Blog Post Strategies For Bloggers

Blog Post Strategies For Bloggers writing their first blog post.

Remembering that your first post will be a first impression of you and your ability to provide value, that will help solve a problem. And there are many problems out there.

Again, you will want to keep it simple and straight forward, so that your readers can easily follow you and get the gist of what you are portraying in your post. 

 A template for writing  your first post, consists of an Introduction, a body and ends in a conclusion.

The introduction is where you first present the problem in question.

Which is I am confused when it comes to writing blog posts, so could you tell me, what’s a good strategy to use to start writing blog posts?

The body of your post is where you begin the process of solving their problem, when you start  to do so, give your readers just a few tips at first, that address the issue head on.

Remember to avoid overwhelming them with too many tips in the beginning.

The conclusion allows you  the opportunity to present the value and purpose of what you do, in building a business online.

A good example for concluding is…

“Here are just a few of the strategies you can use to kick start your blogging career.

If you want to learn more click here for details.

And there you have it. You’ve just written your first blog post!

I am sure that you can now see how easy that was,

knowing that you had certain key factors in the form of questions and answers in place.

Also, do you know what you have just done?

You have  triggered a chain reaction, so to speak.

What do I mean by that?

Blog Post Strategies For Bloggers that may not realize it at first, that they’ve just opened the door to several blog posts, from this one post.

Remember, in the body of your template you offered a few tips that would help the reader solve some of their problems.

Well, each of the tips that you gave, can be easily converted into individual blog posts.

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Blog Posts – Great Tips To Use When Producing-Blog Posts

1 May


Blog Posts-Great Tips To Use When Producing-Blog Posts

If you use blog platforms such as Tumblr, Posterous or WordPress it is very important for you to keep them up to date with the ever advancements of technology features and new versions. The reason for this is to reduce complication normally associated with blog platforms. And increase simplicity with a high level of efficiency.

Research topics you want to use for your blog posts.

Just in case you are wondering…
how do I begin to research topics I am interested in?
Well here’s a tutorial that you will like to use @

One of the main determining factors of blog posts are the headings that you use.
Failure to pay close attention to the title or headings, when doing blog posts, may actually result in ruining your entire article, Per se.
Repelling the reader, to go elsewhere. Blogging Tips is a good source of information that is designed to help you solve these issues @

Search engine ranking is what you will need for your blog posts, if you are to be seen by the masses.

Here are the Top 15 Most Popular Search Engine ranking of 2014 @


Now that you have found the Top search engine ranking, what is next?

The steps you must take now, in order for the contents of your blog posts to be picked up by the search engine and indexed.
And yes, of course starting with the  #1 best search engine of them all, Google.

By following these simple steps of search engine optimization you’ll be assured  the success you are looking for.
Google likes text –

                    Freshness –


                    Formatting-(sitemaps) – What are sitemaps –

                     To link to your pages –


                     Outbound hyperlinks –

If this information has been helpful to you feel free to comment below.